Toward a KIC on urban mobility

High Level Conference, October 20th 2015, Brussels, Belgium

On October 20th, Chalmers and the City of Gothenburg European Office hosted a conference on the shape of future urban mobility and the important role of a Knowledge and Innovation Community (KIC) as an instrument for guiding public-private collaboration in research, education and innovation toward this goal. The conference invited 11 speakers, bringing together political decision makers, academic experts, industry, cities and the citizen perspective to discuss this pressing issue and opportunity, and to look at the key challenges a KIC on this topic might address.

Please see the following overview for a list of the panels, speakers, and presentations from the event:

Panel 1: The significance of Urban Mobility for Europe
Panel 2: The need for and role of a KIC on Urban Mobility
Views from cities
Question and answer session
Attending participants

Chalmers and the City of Gothenburg want to thank our speakers, and everyone who attended our event, and see this as an important first step toward a strong and successful KIC on urban mobility in 2018. We are very excited about the positive potential for the future of urban mobility highlighted at the event, and the constructive atmosphere among speakers and participants to address the challenges head-on, and look forward to the path toward an urban mobility KIC in 2018.

Chalmers and the City of Gothenburg European Office